Battalizer by Hoop Sisters
Décor-Bond (fusible) 809
Fabric Magic
Featherweight Interfacing (fusible) 911FF
Fuse-n-Tear 371R
Fusible Fleece (fusible) 987F
Heat Press (1 ½” ) Batting Together
Heat Press (3/4”) Batting Together
Insul-fleece 975
Lutrador Spun Bond 3oz. 1020
Lutrador Spun Bond 20 oz. 2520
Non-slip (for socks and slippers)
Peltex 1 sided (fusible) 71F
Quilters Grid 820
Shape-flex (fusible) SF101
Shear Weight interfacing (fusible) 906F
Shir Taylor (fusible) 950F
Soft and Stable by Annie’s
Stick-n-Tear 841R
Stitch Witchery (5/8” fusible bonding web)
Stitch-n-Tear Light 835
Stitch-n-Tear 806
True-grid (not interfacing) 810
Wash Away Applique sheets C&T
Wonder Under (2 sided fusible web) 805